Monday, January 25, 2010

Attack of the Zhu-Zhu Pets

If you have kids, you know what a Zhu-Zhu pet is.

If you don't know, it's a small battery operated hamster that was 2009's top Christmas toy. Translation...adults went crazy buying the little critters. We may homeschool, but my kids do not live in a bubble. The three younger ones began asking for a Zhu-Zhu pet back in the summer.

When I heard Zhu-Zhus were the rage I immediately marked them off my mental Christmas list. No way was I getting caught diving into a crowd for a $10 toy at Wal-Mart's. (You do know you can view Wal-Mart crazy people online? I'm afraid to look--I may see someone I know!)

The week before Christmas I was in Toys R Us and they had Zhu Zhu pets. No crazy parents pushing and shoving, in fact no one was around.

I looked both directions and grabbed four quickly--just in case there was a mad rush.

There is one thing you have to know about a Zhu-Zhu NOT put it in your hair.

Did I tell you my 10 year-old learned this lesson over the summer while playing with her cousin's pet?

It went like this...

She picked it up.

She turned it on.

She caught her hair in it.

All in three easy steps.

My super-hero sister-in-law patiently untangled E's hair while I laughed my head off and took pictures.

Back to Christmas.

Did I mention we gave my 2 year-old niece a Zhu-Zhu pet? My sister-in-law's little girl?

All afternoon we adults repeated the warning--do NOT put the rat in your hair.

It didn't matter. You know what's coming...

She picked it up.

Turned it on.

Sat it right on top of her head.

My super-hero sister-in-law patiently untangled her daughter's hair while I laughed my head off and took pictures again.

So, if you have a hamster stuck in your hair today, give me and my sister-in-law a call.

She'll untangle while I take pictures.

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Anonymous said...

I am in tears from laughing! Loved your blog!!!!

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