Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thrifty Thursday

Blessed to Be a Blessing
Tonight at church I listened as a sweet sister in Christ shared how someone is providing her family with a Thanksgiving dinner. A man came to where her family is living and said the Lord impressed him to do this for her family. My friend is a stay-at-home mom whose husband lost his job about six months ago. The time since has been hard, but as she shared, God has meet every need and continues to be good. After losing their home and now living with another family her faith and trust in the Lord continues to shine as a testimony.

This week as we go into the home stretch to Thanksgiving it is the perfect time to purchase items to give to others in need. Dinner rolls, vegetables, baking supplies, and turkey are just a few of the foods that will be on sale. Invite a family facing hard times to Thanksgiving dinner and send them home with groceries. Try something fun such as leaving groceries on the front porch, ring the doorbell and run. Of course make sure they are home so the food doesn't sit out too long and melts or spoils.

It's easy to think about basics, but also include cookie and cake mixes, chips and such for a nice treat. Fresh vegetables and fruits are especially good. When money is tight fresh foods are often overlooked in exchange for cheaper canned goods. Find out what their favorite soft drink is and include it.

Another idea is to purchase some fall decorations for the family you will bless. Wal-Mart has marked all their fall decorations down by at least 50%. Pick up a beautiful wreath for less than $10 or maybe some fall napkins for $1. Little things such as napkins or seasonal paper dessert plates can add festive note.

Over on Mentoring Moments for Christian Women we have an Abundant Living page. Some call it being thrifty others may say frugal living. I think it is truly living in abundance. All we have comes from God. We are a blessed nation with riches that those in some countries can only imagine. I have always believed we are blessed to be a blessing financially in our communities and world. Living abundantly is about living within our means so we have resources to bless others.

This week be a blessing!

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