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Pro-Life for Life

Pro-Life for Life
Last week on the steps of Georgia's capital building in Atlanta a pro-life rally was held in honor of pro-life week. I was unable to attend but I plan to make it a yearly tradition.

For a 12th grade project I was given the topic of abortion. Mind you this was a public high school. My teacher loved controversial subjects and debate in her class. The topic of abortion did not bring heated discussion as most of us came from Christian homes and immediately recognized abortion as murder. Nowadays it would be a different story. A young Christian girl would not be allowed to explain the horrific medical procedure inside a school classroom.

It reminds me of my first interview with the director of an abortion clinic. I jumped at the assignment and was ecstatic when the interview was granted. There I was--a 20 year-old--walking into an abortion clinic. I still recall shivering with nervousness as I signed in--just like the other women of various ages in the clinic. They probably thought I was there for an abortion. I was certain they were.

As I sat in the waiting room every fiber of my being was crying inside. I looked at the women hesitantly, not wanting to look directly into their eyes. If that happened I knew all bets would be off and I'd be sobbing and crying out like John the Baptist.

The atmosphere was heavy with spiritual darkness. Patients were calmly called in for their appointments. I began to pray as I realized that I was in a place pro-lifers are not allowed access. No way was the opportunity to pray INSIDE an abortion clinic NOT going to happen! Sitting in my seat I began to pray for each and every woman (and some men) that day. I prayed for their salvation, protection, and the lives of their unborn children to be spared--in the name of Jesus. I did as my grandmother had taught me and pleaded the blood of Jesus upon everyone and the facility. And of course, for the clinic to close because women would begin to choose life over death.

My name was called and I was ushered to a typical office. The director was a young woman, not what I expected. I guess I thought she would be an old bra-waving feminist from the 1960's. It was 1989 and she only looked ten years my senior. She was friendly and prepared. I was too naive to be overly nervous--in my mind I was a tough reporter.

This abortionist taught me a few things that day:

1. I recognized as an adult total deception in the life of an individual. She was deceived and loving it. This was new to me. Wasn't people suppose to see the error of their ways and repent?

2. She was nice. She wasn't what I expected and I was unprepared for that. Had she been rude it would have been easy. She was as passionate in her beliefs as I in mine. My words would not change her--only the power of God. I saw first hand that my job was to pray--fervently.

3. She was actively seeking to recruit me just as I was seeking to convert her. I realized that had I not known the Lord and His Word I could have been pulled in by deceptive reasoning.

I do not remember her name but I still pray for her. I hope the years have brought her closer to knowing Jesus. I pray she knows His forgiveness and grace despite her past.

The meeting went as well as expected. A hot-headed 21 year-old and an abortion clinic director. Sparks flew. She told me I was young and she knew I was just asking the questions I was told to ask. I told her I wrote my own questions. Our last words went something like this....

Director: Why do you not believe it is our right as women to control our own bodies?

Me: Because I am a Christian. God formed my body. He gives us life and it is His decision to take it--not mine because that would be murder.

The interview was pretty much over at that point. Well, after I told her I hoped she would change her ways and save lives instead of take them.

I wrote the article. Ran a picture of an aborted baby on the front page of the newspaper. Printed the health department reports showing unaccounted for medicine, unsanitary conditions including blood left in sinks and dusty ceiling fans above the abortion tables. Took irate calls from people who did not like seeing aborted babies while reading their morning paper and eating breakfast. Then, was fired two weeks later.

As women of God we must not silence our voices. We have the awesome responsibility to teach and train not only ourselves, but our children. They need to know why abortion goes against the nature of God. It is sin just like adultery, stealing, and gluttony. Sin is sin. We need to educate ourselves on the various forms abortion has morphed into these days -- stem cell research, end of life issues, and the ethics of human cloning.

We must remind ourselves that God's grace is sufficient for those who made the decision to abort their babies. The world cheers their decision to have an abortion and turns it's back on them when the enormity of what they've done hits home. It is our responsibility--yes, responsibility to love, encourage and point these women to Jesus. By grace we are all saved.

Pro-lifers are viewed through the eyes of Eric Rudolph these days. We are not nuts--he is. We are women of God whose time has come to pray, teach, and lift up our voice.

If you are a Christian and not sure of your thoughts on abortion I encourage you to study God's Word. Visit websites such as National Right to Life. Ask an older woman in church to teach you on the subject of abortion. If you are an older woman--know what you believe and why according to the Word of God.

In closing, stem cell research sounds great but do you realize it is life? It is not just a collection of cells. View this powerful testimony...


Rev. Donald Spitz said...
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Kellie said...

I apologize for the inflammatory comments left today on this posting. I will gladly engage in debate with those who conduct themselves in a respectful manner. Hostile comments are not welcome. I guess this little blog reaches more readers than I realized.

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